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The team at Cooper Eye Care in Upper East Side, Bensonhurst, and Dyker Heights, New York City, with offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn, believe in the power of pediatric eye care to prevent eye problems and vision loss in children of all ages. As a parent, ensuring your child stays healthy is a top priority, and routine pediatric eye care is an essential part of that process. Schedule your child’s visit today using the simple online booking tool, or call the office to check appointment availability. You can also schedule your own eye exam for the same day to cut down on visits to the office.

Pediatric Eye Care Q & A

What is Pediatric Eye Care?

Many parents assume their child doesn’t need professional eye exams unless an eye or vision problem develops. However, just like in adult eye care, pediatric eye examinations can catch problems in the earliest stages, when treatment has the greatest impact.

While your child’s eye exam will share many of the screenings you’re familiar with from your own experiences, pediatric eye care takes a special approach. The practitioners and support staff at Cooper Eye Care understand that an eye exam can be intimidating for young kids, and all team members go out of their way to make these visits enjoyable for both you and your child.

When Should I Bring My Child In For A Pediatric Eye Exam?

The best time to begin eye screening is when your child is about 9 months old. Prior to that, your child’s vision won’t be fully developed. Of course, if you suspect there’s a problem before your baby reaches 9 months, you are encouraged to bring them in for an exam.

You may think that babies are challenging patients, but you’d be surprised at how responsive young children are to eye health and vision screening. Your baby will track an object or light long before they can respond to verbal requests. Your practitioner at Cooper Eye Care can easily complete an inspection of your child’s eyes, both before and after dilation.

If no areas of concern are found, you may not need to bring your child back in until around age 6. If that pediatric eye exam reveals no issues, your child won’t need to come in again until they’re ready to head off to college.

What If My Child Shows Signs of Vision Loss or Eye Problems?

If a pediatric eye exam shows areas of concern, there’s no need to panic. Advancements in technology have led to astounding diagnostic and treatment options, many of which can help address childhood eye health concerns.

If your child needs corrective eyewear, taking care of that need is an important part of supporting healthy reading and developmental skills. The team at Cooper Eye Care can help you find glasses that fit your child’s face, corrective needs, and unique personality.

Call Cooper Eye Care or use online booking to schedule your child’s eye exam today.